Initial Consultation

What to expect on initial consultation

Your initial consultation will begin with an in depth history taking of your presenting problem. This usually takes between 15-20mins and provides the therapist an opportunity to develop a list of possible causes for your discomfort before beginning the musculoskeletal assessment.

The history also gives the therapist an idea of what body regions and tests are needed that will provide him with the most information providing you the client with more treatment time.

The history also includes taking a brief medical history ie any accidents you may have been involved in, hospitalisation, allergies, Road traffic accidents etc, such information is vital to the therapist.

Your personal medical history and family medical history are also important.  There are conditions which are hereditary and may mask themselves as musculoskeletal pain, therefore it is very important to share this information with your therapist when asked as it can affect the therapists approach to your treatment. Please do not be offended if such sensitive information is sought, it is kept confidential and is ultimately to provide you with the best care possible.  If we cannot help you with your problem we will refer you to the correct medical practitioner.

For your assessment the therapist will ask you to remove certain articles of clothing so it is important to dress correctly. The purpose of this is to allow the therapist access to the area where you are feeling pain. It also allows him to see the body region moving and palpate the injured site for irregularities.

For men a pair of shorts worn underneath your clothing is all that is needed, for women shorts, a vest or a sports bra is needed for your comfort. If you have any apprehension on this matter speak with your therapist and he can work around your concern.

The assessment may take between 10-15 minutes.  Following this the therapist will explain what he thinks could be causing your pain and will seek your consent to continue with the treatment.