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Therapist Profile: Tim Cassidy P.Th B.Sc M.Th


Tim graduated from The Institute of Physical Therapy, earning a Merit 1 from a three year degree course in BSc Applied Health Science & a diploma in Physical Therapy. He is also a qualified massage therapist who has worked with various cycling teams such as Sigmasport (GB), UCI Contiental Professional Team and Stevens Cyclogical (IRL).

Tim is currently working as a physical therapist with the UK and Ireland’s leading Cycling and Triathlon Coaching Company, DIGDEEP Coaching ( His clients span all abilities and range from professional cyclists, international triathletes to recreational athletes.

Prior to qualifying as a physical therapist, Tim spent almost ten years racing at the highest level of international and professional cycling representing VC La Pomme Marseille (FRA) Sean Kelly UCI Continental Professional Team (BEL) and the Irish National Cycling Team. During his time in France and Belgium, he was regarded as one of the top espoire riders with victories and podium places in races such as World Cups La Rue Tourangelle, Tour du Franche Comite, GP Sisteron, GP Civdad de Vigo, Ronde de l’Oise, Tour Nord Isere, Rond du Gard, National Championships and many other top ten placing’s. He also finnished 15th in the World Junior Cycling Championships 2001.

“As well as gaining a huge amount of knowledge of life as an elite athlete, I unfortunately learned a lot about injury, treatment and rehabilitation. I’ve met some of the world’s leading therapists in Belgium, France, Germany and Ireland.  It was during my treatment with the world renowned Physical Therapist, Gerard Hartman, that I first developed an interest in and appreciation of physical therapy and the huge role that it plays in both prevention and cure of injury. More than anything else, Ger taught me about the need to retain positive mentality, while trying to overcome injury and I was very fortunate to personally benefit from his” hands-on” approach to treatment. I have tried to follow this approach in the treatment of my own clients.

I believe that I have a vast wealth of experience gained from my own professional career in sport. When combined with my knowledge of physical therapy, I can offer a very unique insight into the treatment of injury from both a physical and psychological perspective.

Tim can also be booked for appointments in Belfast either through or by direct contact at


Therapist Profile: Mark O Grady  P.Th B.Sc M.Th

Mark chose to become a physical therapist following an accident he received, in which he badly fractured his femur and had to attend hours of physical therapy over the course of years to regain function of his leg. “I feel my injury gives me a higher level of patients, appreciation and understanding of what my clients are going through and the thought of being able to help someone to recovery from an injury and follow them through this process is very satisfying”.

Mark studied at the Institute of Physical therapy in Milltown institute, Ranelagh, from 2009 to 2012 where he graduated with honours from a three year Bsc degree course in Applied Health science and a diploma in physical therapy. Mark is also a qualified massage therapist. During this time he received a three year clinical internship at the Priory Clinic in Stillorgan being mentored by qualified experienced physical therapists. Here Mark developed an exceptional standard of client focused skills and manual musculoskeletal techniques essential in becoming an excellent physical therapist.

Since 2012 Mark has also worked with a team of physical therapists from Finesse a health and fitness clinic owned and run by Eleanor Finn P.T. M.I.A.P.T. Where he treats both the general public complaining of musculoskeletal pain or discomfort brought on for example through an accident, repetitive strain and postural dysfunction, he also treats athletes seeking maintenance or advice rehabilitating and preventing injury. Through Finesse Mark has attended numerous local sporting events and races performing both pre and post sports massage and rehabilitating sports injuries from these events.

Marks background in sport is in swimming where he competed from a young age at a national level for several years and understands the importance of your individual sporting needs and reaching your goals “I have lived in Celbridge all my life and I know it is a town with a proud sporting tradition, At Peak Physical Therapy our goal is not just to treat your general ache, pain or sporting injury but to return you to pre pain/injury level and help prevent future injury”.